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Re: Proposal to form The North America Parajiya Pattni Association of (NA-PPA)

Congratulations to you and we wish you success for your mission and wish you have a great trip to canada

Re: Proposal to form The North America Parajiya Pattni Association of (NA-PPA)


Dear Pranlalbhai.

Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you positively on this proposal. I look forward to establishing a long and meaningful work relationship for our organization in The North America Parajiya Pattni Association of (NA-PPA)you can be rest assured that your proposal will be met in a better way to the top of your satisfaction.

We are looking forward for your kind response so that we may serve you the best.Wish you all the very best in making this endeavors.

Thank you for being so thoughtful, as it means a lot to us.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Divyesh Keshavlal Damji.

Re: Proposal to form The North America Parajiya Pattni Association of (NA-PPA)

Forming a North America Parajiya Pattni Association (NA-PPA)

Thank you so very much for your tremendous response in such a short time. With such level of support, I have no doubt that sooner or later forming a NA-PPA is going to be a reality.

Open Forum

In order that we centralise all the responses and for future debate, I have now opened a Discussion Forum on the Pattni Connection website. Please visit the Forum to read responses received so far. I would request all to use this forum from now on to make your comments and constructive suggestions.

My Suggestion

Following is my practical suggestion as to how we can move forward. You are most welcome to make your suggestions too in the forum:---

NA-PPA is to include all Pattni members residing in USA and Canada. A local based institution like Toronto Pattni Association is not going to be practical. It needs to be a wider institution for all Pattni residents of North America.

USA and Canada called the North America is a land of vast distances. Due to such vast distances, we need a more modern approach if we were to form NA-PPA rather than arranging a traditional meeting in one town.

We need to make the full use of internet technology like Pattni Connection website, Facebook group and other social media.

To begin with, we need around 20 activists residing in North America who are positive thinkers and have a burning desire to serve our community. Offers of becoming volunteers are already coming in. Once we have a sufficient number, then we’ll then open a Chat Room on Pattni Connection where we can have a virtual meeting on the internet.

This group will become the founder members of NA-PPA. Out of this group a provisional caretaker committee is to be appointed.

Through the use of website and social media, it is now quite easy to communicate. Thus a President could be say from Dallas, a Secretary from Atlanta, and Treasurer from Toronto and committee members from each town. This committee will be a caretaker committee whose task will be to arrange a convention either in the USA or in Canada sometime in 2016.

At the convention, North American Pattni members can then hold an AGM after a formal constitution is drafted and approved by the members. Thus we’ll have our first ever formal NA-PPA Committee.

As you can see from the response, there will be many members from UK, India, Nairobi, Mombasa and other centres who will be eager to attend this convention to support NA-PPA.

Above is just a brief explanation of what I think is feasible and a practical way to move forward. I await your response in the Open Forum.

Meanwhile I look forward meeting many Pattni members during my visit to Canada.

Re: Proposal to form The North America Parajiya Pattni Association of (NA-PPA)

Dear Pranbhai

This is the best news I have heard for very long time and I am sure the efforts that will go in forming the NA-PPA will be a corner stone of the successful organisation.

I wish you and all the members joining you from UK and the desire of the NA Pattnis will be fullfilled.

Just a thought and welcome some suggestions too. Would it a desire that the PPA be one day global and a common site under the banner of
to represent all the PP members world wide.

I sincerly appreciate the work done done under you to take pattni connection globaly and I am very confident that under your command you would be able to take to further heights. Ofcourse the decision have been taken.

Ps Nice to visit

Kind regards

Kishor Jivabhai