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University applications to UK Universities

Hello all
We're regularly asked for help from people wanting to send their youngsters to UK to study,or who are already in UK and having some difficulties; and with fees and other related costs being as high as they are maybe other Sonis might also benefit from the advisory posts we send to our clients. Below is our current post:

Avoid Applying in Haste and Repenting at Great Financial Cost

Beware of universities eager to offer you a place even though you know you have not achieved the threshold for entry because:
a) these universities are usually at the bottom of the league tables and often were undersubscribed in the first place so they really need to fill their seats AND THEIR POCKETS
b) they are at the bottom for a reason, or usually several reasons eg low results, poor support, teaching and marking is inconsistent, badly managed, low employability degrees, etc.
c)to distract you from any of the above they may wow you with their amazing student life, new buildings, freebies, etc
d) which you only find out after you have signed on the dotted line and saddled either yourself or your parents with a HUGE debt
Seriously consider waiting a year then reapply to a decent uni next year
If you were paying £30-50,000 for say surgery, you would give your money to a decent hospital which had a good reputation, good management/doctors and good results so apply the same rules: remember you are the customer you are paying tens of thousands of £s and this affects the rest of your life.
(PS Even if you have signed remember there is a cooling off period before you incur liability, so use it before it's too late)

We hope you found this post helpful.