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Future of Pattni Connection

Dear Pattni Members

I hope you all had a joyous and wonderful Diwali with lots of glitz and glee. It’s now time to get back to normal routine post-Diwali.

Future of Pattni Connection
As mentioned in my earlier messages, it’s also time to discuss the future of Pattni Connection website.

I have been discussing this important issue with Samaj Committees and many well wishers who gave their valued opinions on this important matter.

Some of the suggestions made were:
1) Set up a charity trust, open a bank account and start collecting advertising revenue to be used for worthwhile charities.
2) Redesign the website and let each Samaj run its own section under the main Pattni Connection banner.
3) Form a commercial company, collect revenue from advertisements and pay to employ full time staff to run the website

There was an overwhelming strong opinion that no drastic decision should be taken as more time is needed for a transition period and also the time is not yet right to handover the website.

One ardent supporter of Pattni Connection website has eloquently written in his e-mails that that I found it very practical:-

“Pran, you have done so much for the community. Now the time is ripe that the community should not depend on "announcements" from you, but create its own on a Bulletin board type forum. That will truly empower the community, young & old - here and abroad. I hope you will be involved with the essential transition from the monologue to the dialogue”.

This is so true that it is time for each Samaj to take over the responsibility of making its own announcements.

Bulletin board type forum under Pattni Connection website may be an answer but there is now another alternative. It is called Facebook Group.

Facebook Group - The way forward?
Facebook was in its infancy when I started the Pattni Connection website eight years ago. Now Facebook has become the most popular social networking site.

Two of our community regions Pattni Brotherhood - Nairobi and PPA London have already taken advantage and have started their own Facebook page. The admins of these groups have done a fantastic job in keeping these groups active. Both these regions now have their own media to promote the committee, make bulletin announcements and upload pictures of their local events.

The main advantage of having such Facebook groups is that the regional committee has its own independence. It does not need to depend on Pattni Connection to make announcements.

Since my involvement in promoting Samaj is removed, it will give me an opportunity of using Pattni Connection for new ideas and spend my time on other worthwhile projects.

So is Facebook Group the way forward? Is this the right way in transition from monologue to the dialogue? Well, it is hard to predict and only time will tell.

I shall be discussing the future of Pattni Connection with all Samaj committees who have not yet started the Facebook. One thing I’ll promise all those Samaj committees who do not wish to start the Facebook is that I’ll not let them down. I’ll be by their side till we find an amicable solution. Pattni Connection shall always be at their disposal.

If you have any suggestion to make on the future of Pattni Connection or on Facebook, you are most welcome to write on the Open Forum. The Forum on the website is now open. Do please participate in this important debate and express your opinion.

- Pran

Re: Future of Pattni Connection

The new future changes are good for the community. Mr Pran has worked hard and I would like to appreciate his efforts and dedications towards the Pattni Community.

I would like to suggest that one thing here is missing out and that is A List of Pattni Families in the UK with Names and Addresses. This is very essential when one has to think about the children's engagements and marriages.

Thank you.