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World Gathering at Dwarka

It was memorable gathering in Dwarka. All the participants were in good mood.

The fact that we came from all over the world was itself an achievement for the Pattni community.

This is first time that people from all walks of life were there. Though Dwarka is a small town where our community where our community members are few, they were very happy to host such an event. Mr Narendrabhai Dhakan managed and handled the event very efficiently.

Chairmen and Presidents of all big mandals and Samaj were present with their committee members. Let us continue this spirit.

Harshad Rana, Nairobi.

Re: World Gathering at Dwarka

Hello Sonibhai,


I am now disappointed that I missed such a great event but I hope there will be many events like this in the future. I still have few questions in my mind and perhaps, one of our sonibhai could update me. I am still wondering what were the exact aims and objectives of this gathering. What sorts of discussions, if any, took place and how are we taking things forward?

Thank you.