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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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Calling some men to take down some devil!

Many Powerful Men
A never ending poem
Inspired by friends and my kids

Many powerful men with compassion, want the world to change.
I know that these men together, will bring survival into range!
A few who rule our countries, have lost conscience and common sense.
Powerful men can get them to stand down. Why are these rulers so dense?
David Suzuki, scientist, zoologist, and geneticist so bold,
Wants nature to survive bad business, or many species will fold!
Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, took carbon for his cause.
He tried to convince politicians to learn atmospheric laws.
Stephen Hawking with his genius, is astronomer extraordinare.
He investigates the universe; for the truth he has utmost care!
Paul McCartney inspires. He and the Beatles sang great songs,
Of freedom, love and peace, hoping one would right the world's wrongs!
Jimmy Carter was a president, who thought we should use less oil.
Then and now he speaks out, against all businesses who spoil!
Bruce Cockburn, militant musician, uses his guitar instead of a gun.
He sings all people are equal to him and believes we could all live as one.
Neil Young sings Living with War. He refuses to silence his voice,
For freedom for all to live and let live. Most of us have got the choice.
George Clooney is spreading the truth, through film. He wants life more fair.
He produces and acts for mankind. His good looks give me reason to stare!
Noam Chomsky, a linguist at large, shares truth about corruption most high.
Stories that intrigue and inspire us all to take less. Now I do know why.
Nelson Mandela was punished by law for standing up as a man.
He has prayed that all men be just. I am sure that white man can!
Richard Gere brought compassion and peace with Buddhist friends.
To Atlanta, Georgia, to leaders and to me. Love he defends!
Sean Connery, sexy secret agent and extraordinary gentleman,
Gives to his country and education. He can help, I know he can.
Wayne Gretzky, hockey great and family man, helps kids when he can.
Skating was passion and his joy of the thrill, for each and every fan!
David R. Ford has researched sex and drugs by nature. He and I agree
Prohibition is a stupid law. God made it, so it should be free for me.

If all those above could just get together. They have right on their side.
Maybe they can stop war, poverty and abuse for all victims nations wide.
And all over the world where man has made a few mistakes and not cared.
We may have a chance to survive. So let's have PEACE ON EARTH declared!

Love Lora Bruncke

More for
Many Powerful Men

Stephen Lewis wants help with HIV/AIDS.
Campaigning for Africa before her lite fades.
Bill Gates gives aid to Africa. Why?
Hardware, software, he is tech, most high.
Edward Hooper wrote The River for AID.
The source, of course, we must not evade.
Don Cheadle is another FOR AFRICA star.
He ACTs for all kind and inspires from afar.

Powerful Musical Men

Bob Dylan knows what's blowing in the wind; he sings answers for us all.
Some ignore his visions, but he is right: A hard rain's a-gonna fall.
Bruce Springsteen is the boss. For the working class he takes his stand,
Playing powerful guitar, friends at his side, for his American land.
Bob Geldof told world leaders that they need to help all others.
He created Live 8, a world musical event, to help us save our brothers.
Bono, with Dublin friends, sings at a place called Vertigo, and will
Until the end of the world, with or without you, running to stand still.
Bon Jovi is a singing man, who should become an American politician.
He has power, looks, and charisma. His government needs a musician!

More Powerful Men

Michael Moore, master of documenting fact,
Is trying to encourage US to try a new tact.
Kevin Trudeau thinks it is all about the money!
What he sees as poison some market as honey!
Bill Clinton was tried for trying to protect
His family. For him and them, I have great respect!
Marc Emery sold his bold seeds for change.
To grow the best drug Mother could arrange!
Barry Cooper wants all drug wars to end.
Marijuana is a natural way for our life to mend!
Barack Obama, politician, anti-war from the start.
Wants to “Bring 'em Home”! and play the lead part!
Robin Williams, actor, is brilliant and then some.
Everyone's hero, jumanji, what dreams may come.
Tiger Woods, sportsman, is the best man can be.
His gift is his smile and he shares it with me.
Michael Jackson, wrote the best music of our age.
Spirits for The Dance can't be confined to man's cage!

Love Lora Bruncke

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men

Ringo Starr can play rhythm for my song.
He and I see an easy way to right all the wrong.
Elton John sings Candle In the Wind with love.
He, like all men, must be inspired from above!
Tom Cruise, actor, and stunningly sexy man,
Has love from his God from whom time began.
Mel Gibson, Mad Max, has a passion for his Christ.

Re: Calling some men to take down some devil!

Mel Gibson, Mad Max, has a passion for his Christ.
He makes me think religious wars are now overpriced.
Desmond Tutu wants us to be democratic and just.
A holy man with earthly ambitions that I can surely trust.
Justin Trudeau should start a new Trudeaumania fuss.
His vision can save us if we let his youth inspire us.
Steven Speilberg's directs acting from his friends.
I hope he produces one to show man making amends.
Lenny Kravitz sings he wants to start a love revolution.
Nothing to lose, if we all think about evolution.

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever

Harrison Ford, heroes Han Solo and Indiana Jones.
He can take down anyone who is bad to the bones!
Jim Carrey, merry manic master, WHO I must find
To write me a check to spend on saving mankind!
Brad Pitt, rich and sexy, wants peace for all brothers.
His looks and morals endear him to loving mothers.
Matt Damon, Bourne Boston boy, informant for truth,
Plays the Good Shepherd for all the world's youth.
Jack Black, comedian, musician, actor and good guy.
I know this because he appeals to my kids and I.
Jack White, actor producer, and moral musical man.
I know. He sings to my kids. Now I am his fan!
Todd Butler sings out about hidden truths and lies
That some bureaucrats spin. Bad guys, I now despise.
Paul Martin, past Prime Minister, stirs up in me.
Hope for a peace keeping Canada, kind, just and free.
Michael Jordon, Chicago Bull Hoopster for Space Jam.
Shooting guard, back as a Wizard, impressed I am!
Arnie Schwarzenegger, the world's strongest man I know.
Is working to make his state great and green and rightly so!
The Dalai Lama is all about truth, compassion, and peace.
His quest to end all suffering will soon give us release!

Love Lora Bruncke

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever (continued)

Trevor Linden, Canadian Champion and kid's with cancer hero,
Must want man made toxins that kill our kids cut down to zero!
John Cleese, Tim the Enchanter and Holy Grail Black Knight,
Knows life is about to change. For the better. I know I'm right!
Paul Newman, once on an Enemies list, is a man with few flaws.
Against cancer, poisoned food, and bad driving, he knows the laws!
Larry King brings together live minded people for good discussion.
May his curious nature uncover truth, so mankind avoids repercussion!
Leonardo DiCaprio wants women to know diamonds mine much fright.
His Eleventh Hour will turn mankind's darkest hour into it finest night!
Sting and the Police are Driven to Tears; nothing seems to get through;
Too many cameras and not enough food. Who knows what to do?
Bryan Adams brings great Canadian music to the world on his tour.
Intimate, acoustic man who knows tears are not enough. His are pure.
James Lovelock, Gaia guest, walks a nuclear environmental beat.
Our earth is a living superorganism and may regulate its own heat.
Neil Armstrong, the first American to land on our moon and walk.
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!”. Let's talk!
Robert Redford, Sundance Kid to The Natural, Lions for Lambs.
Environmental conservationist who is watching to whisper SCAMS.
Michael J. Fox, Canadian actor with charm, looks and a smile just so.
Is looking for answers to health questions we should all want to know.
Tommy Chong went straight to jail for loving fun and sharing bongs.
Blatant corruption in the name of democracy! Lets right these wrongs!
Rick Hansen, Man in Motion, works non stop for those in a chair.
Strength of arm and power of will carry him. He won't just sit there.
Bill Maher, comedian, questions questionable truth for fun with wit.
Against prohibition, nazis, and child abuse; he's not afraid to say it.
Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones want a band to carry their torch.
They got off, got old, and got wise so now they can ROCK the porch.
Charlie Wilson, U.S. congressman, helped take down the Russian gun.
For Afghanistan and its people, who were in the way of war men's fun.
Tom Hanks, fractured actor, portrays the bare truth of man's hard ships.
That Thing you Do in the Code, moves me to risk all my poker chips!
Martin Scorsese religiously makes great art with musicians and actors!
He cameos, using freeze frames and pure white, to prove the true factors.
Jerry Seinfeld, hilarious hero, knows the sweetness of honey and hive.
His love of the laugh and sense of what's fun, make people feel so alive!
Mohamed El-Fayed, man of the Nile, has wealth and power to spare.
Can he help lead the way to a day where man has love and does care?
Prince Charles, son of a Queen and father of sons, lives for his Trust.
I rocked with him, Princess Di, and Van Morrison! Help us he must!
Mike Myers, Austin Powers, cherishes a letter from George for Mini Me!
Talented, funny, sexy, and cute, he portrays life as fun, and it should be!

Love Lora Bruncke

Re: Re: Calling some men to take down some devil!

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever (continued)

Teddy Kennedy, US Senator for the people, has many admirers
He fights fraud at the highest level, working to expose all conspirers!
Daniel Quinn, Ishmael and My Ishmael author, is a Giver most gracious.
He wants our youth to plan and hope for a future on earth, so spacious!
Russell Means, Electric Warrior, knows where white men fear to tread.
Surviver and First Nations man, we must learn from him or end up dead.
Serge LeClerc, was drug dealer, now politician and motivational speaker.
He is a crusader for our youth and and all those who may be weaker.
Blair T. Longley, party leader of a group trying to do the right thing,
To help mankind and my children. For him: PRAISE I will loudly sing!
Billy Talent, a group of young music men, dare to question belief in one.
Devil in a Midnight Mass is a song that should be answered : Father, to son.
Masaru Emoto, shares art and love of water in What the Bleep do We Know.
Doctor, please, can we us your sacred liquid, to make our garden grow?
James Randi, debunker, wants proof of truth and has an extra million bucks,
To wager on a theory, like Pascal. Someone, call him on it! Line up your ducks!
Richard Leakey, fossil hunter, is an expert on mankind and its beginnings.
The palaeoanthropologist wants us to wake up, so we can play more innings!
Andre Agassi, young tennis star, took a grand slam win at Wimbledon court.
He started his own Charitable Foundation for kids, so all could play at his sport!
Willie Nelson, singer, actor, and activist, can think of many issues to address.
Hugging his guitar in the Texas Monthly, I hope he dreams of life without stress.
Mel Hurtig, publisher, has written a book to tell the Truth about Canada, my locus!
Understand that all bad directions can be changed if we have hope and think! Focus!
Jacques Chirac, French leader and politician is loved by his peers and countrymen,
His foundation will save biodiversity so children can live here now and there then.
Will Smith, named the most powerful man in Hollywood, is a smart smart man.
Rap star, Fresh Prince, he is in a position to lead kids; they are his biggest fan!
Jonn Matsen, naturopath shares common sense so we have the strength to live.
Eating Alive, Good Health From Nine Liver Dwarfs, Jonn has answers to give!
Donald Trump is a man who wields powerful influence. Do I dare ask for help?
We need to sell solar and wind for good health, or famine will make us all yelp.
Batman is a mythical man who came out of no where to save his community.
I know men ready to do that for our world and GOD who will handle immunity!
Warren Buffett is an investment guru who rode money to the top of the heap.
Can he convince shareholders to take less so Mother Nature can sleep?
Dallas Green, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, sings of a never ending race.
Go on and save your scissors, save your strength and don't forget the grace.
Bruce Sanguin wrote Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos. WOW!
The Wisdom of Sofia should be sought by ruling men. Listen for her now!
Hubert Sauper, filmed Darwin's Nightmare for the love of Africa. Hear me moan.
Who puts fillets on the table in exchange for guns and leaves the rotting bone?
Eminem, best rapper alive and rap producer, is a man I admire. I think he's hot.
He sings of value, money and power, but the downside: abuse can be bought.

Love Lora Bruncke

I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever (continued)

William Shatner, who sold me tickets via priceline, played Captain Kirk.
To his crew and their contacts, he was fair, loving and could take any jerk!
Mel Brooks, 97th of my Powerful Male Producers, inspired Achtung Baby!
As the world spins, do we get dizzy and make mistakes? Will Mel help? Maybe!
Dan Akroyd, ghost buster open to the super natural. I saw him party in New York!
Twelve hours in Madison Square Gardens. You Blues Brothers Rock! Pop the Cork!
Sully Erna, with his group, give a Godsmack thank you to all that pay attention.
I love their heavy metal and to see them play. They want abuse prevention.
With Chris Angel and his mind freak, these men above will move some below.
Chris, ANGELS* at your side, COSMOS* in your sight, pray let LOVE GROW!


Men to Move

Some CEO's, and Leaders, political and religious, names to follow..
THE UNKNOWN at this time

Re: Re: Re: Calling some men to take down some devil!

Men I Missed

Heath Ledger came to life for me as the Joker. He grins from the past.
I'm He. I'm Her. I'm Not Here. I'm Not There. No one of us will last.
Van Halen and his band of men need US to pay attention RIGHT NOW,
To how aids, racism, bad laws, bombs, famine, oil, and hate hurt! OW!
Jeremy Irons caught my attention with the Sesame Street USA Gang.
To young men he stands for eragon. Save us from the big bad bang!
Dustin Hoffman, inspired Picasso's Last Words, and is my Captain Hook.
Let's all go Meet the FOCKERS, who live in a Stranger Than Fiction book!
Tony Blair, political man, worked with his Queen for the good of his people.
Was he a Bush watchdog looking for GOD IN ALL and under every steeple?

Love Lora Bruncke

Powerful Dead Men

Gandhi, one holy man above, really inspires me.
We will have peace, if you will look, to see what we see!
Einstein is a master of math with scientific mind.
Who would use his ideas for war?. That was so unkind!
Abe Lincoln loves the many colours and nature of man.
His vision is one of justice, of which I am a fan.
John Lennon shares his passion for our world peace.
His words and his music give me so much release!
George Harrison, my first love, harmonizes guitar
And sings for the Beatles. Now I wish upon his star.
Bob Marley wrote reggae for peace among all races.
I think he wants to see a smile on all colour of faces.
Dr. Suess wrote that Horton Heard A WHO,
The Cat in the Hat with Green Eggs and Ham, too.
John Belushi, Blues Brother, did his last speedball.
Surrounded by those who loved him. Did his saviour call?
Walt Disney, story teller and man with a dyslexic gift.
Shares the truth with love to give all his kids a lift.
Davey Crockett shares a birthday with my precious son.
Remember the Alamo? Brown, red and white must be ONE.
Ed Murrow, journalist, does not fear knowledge nor the end.
He is loved and admired by so many. His truth I defend.
JFK, young good looking Irish well loved leading man.
Ask what you can do for your country! I know we all can!
Pierre Trudeau, one great Canadian who said, 'Just watch me.'
Became a beloved Prime Minister to many, I know you agree.
Martin Luther King, Proud and Black, said “I have a dream!”
“From every mountainside, let freedom ring!”, I also scream.
Maharisha Mahesh Yogi works for unity. Hear his call.
Understand how radiate, bliss, consciousness, say it all.
Terry Fox, one young Canadian hero whose run inspires love;
A Marathon of Hope for cancer sufferers. Give sick a shove!
Tommy Douglas, Father of Medicare, stays true to his belief.
Fair treatment for all the people! Imagine all mothers' relief!
Lester B. Pearson, ( Mike), envisioned a United Nations world,
With peace keepers in Suez! A red and white Maple Leaf he unfurled!
Winston Churchill said , “Be ye men of valour.” and I ask you too.
Give your blood, toil, tears, and sweat. It's what you need to do.
George Washington Carver, plant doctor, freely and happily shares.
His agriculture genius and inventions. For money he hardly cares.
Ken Keys, Jr., The Hundredth Monkey and advocate for peace.
Believes in a higher consciousness that will give man a new lease.
Charles Darwin, British scientist, lays a groundwork for evolution.
A brilliant story about beginnings; an origin of species revolution.

Love and Respect Lora Bruncke

More Powerful Dead Men

John Denver, singer and humanitarian, shares his Rocky Mountain High.
Take Me Home, Country Roads, to my world of peace. Children, don't cry!
Sydney Pollack, Made with Honour, will now inspire us all from above.
An outstanding director who did films with friends I now watch, with love.
Bo Diddley, singer, songwriter and guitarist, evolved blues to rock and roll.
He inspires many players on this list. Men, get your balls ready. Lets go bowl!
Haile Selassie is a man against racism, chemical warfare, and imperial fraud.
He is revered as Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings and Elect of God.
George Carlin, of New York, stand up comedian, instilled white/black laughs.
ONE Saturday night live boy, WHO led and fed armour, to better male halfs!
Brother Malcolm, Prince of Islam, thought my white race was evil on earth.
I beg his forgiveness for abuse of his people. I seek our lost love and mirth.

Please feel free to write below the name of any powerful man you would like added


Each man on my list, dead or alive, has many women who love him.
If one woman represents one man, we will have harmony!
Perfect Balance is achievable!


'COS MOSt of us need your help ASAP to SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

Love and Respect Lora Bruncke