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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever (continued)

William Shatner, who sold me tickets via priceline, played Captain Kirk.
To his crew and their contacts, he was fair, loving and could take any jerk!
Mel Brooks, 97th of my Powerful Male Producers, inspired Achtung Baby!
As the world spins, do we get dizzy and make mistakes? Will Mel help? Maybe!
Dan Akroyd, ghost buster open to the super natural. I saw him party in New York!
Twelve hours in Madison Square Gardens. You Blues Brothers Rock! Pop the Cork!
Sully Erna, with his group, give a Godsmack thank you to all that pay attention.
I love their heavy metal and to see them play. They want abuse prevention.
With Chris Angel and his mind freak, these men above will move some below.
Chris, ANGELS* at your side, COSMOS in your sight, pray let LOVE GROW!


Men to Move

Some CEO's, and Leaders, political and religious, names to follow..
unknown at this time


Each man on my list, dead or alive, has many women who love him.
He will be asked to call on one: wife, daughter, relative, friend.
Perfect Balance is achievable!