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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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More Men

Jerry Seinfeld, hilarious hero, knows the sweetness of honey and hive.
His love of the laugh and sense of what's fun, make people feel so alive!
Mohamed El-Fayed, man of the Nile, has wealth and power to spare.
Can he help lead the way to a day where man has love and does care?
Prince Charles, son of a Queen and father of sons, lives for his Trust.
I rocked with him, Princess Di, and Van Morrison! Help us he must!
Mike Myers, Austin Powers, cherishes a letter from George for Mini Me!
Talented, funny, sexy, and cute, he portrays life as fun, and it should be!

Teddy Kennedy, US Senator for the people, has many admirers
He fights fraud at the highest level, working to expose all conspirers!
Daniel Quinn, Ishmael and My Ishmael author, is a Giver most gracious.
He wants our youth to plan and hope for a future on earth, so spacious!
Russell Means, Electric Warrior, knows where white men fear to tread.
Surviver and First Nations man, we must learn from him or end up dead.
Serge LeClerc, was drug dealer, now politician and motivational speaker.
He is a crusader for our youth and and all those who may be weaker.
Blair T. Longley, party leader of a group trying to do the right thing,
To help mankind and my children. For him: praise I will loudly sing!
Billy Talent, a group of young music men, dare to question belief in one.
Devil in a Midnight Mass is a song that should be answered : Father, to son.
Masaru Emoto, shares art and love of water in What the Bleep do We Know.
Doctor, please, can we us your sacred liquid, to make our garden grow?
James Randi, debunker, wants proof of truth and has an extra million bucks,
To wager on a theory, like Pascal. Someone, call him on it! Line up your ducks!
Richard Leakey, fossil hunter, is an expert on mankind and its beginnings.
The palaeoanthropologist wants us to wake up, so we can play more innings!
Andre Agassi, young tennis star, took a grand slam win at Wimbledon court.
He started his own Charitable Foundation for kids, so all could play at his sport!
Willie Nelson, singer, actor, and activist, can think of many issues to address.
Hugging his guitar in the Texas Monthly, I hope he dreams of life without stress.
Mel Hurtig, publisher, has written a book to tell the Truth about Canada, my locus!
Understand that all bad directions can be changed if we have hope and think: focus!
Jacques Chirac, French leader and politician is loved by his peers and countrymen,
His foundation will save biodiversity so children can live here now and there then.
Will Smith, named the most powerful man in Hollywood, is a smart smart man.
Rap star, Fresh Prince, he is in a position to lead kids; they are his biggest fan!
Jonn Matsen, naturopath shares good advice so we have the strength to live.
Eating Alive and Good Health From Nine Liver Dwarfs, he has answers to give!
Donald Trump is a man who wields power and influence. Can I ask him for help?
We need to sell solar and wind for good health, or famine will make us all yelp.
Batman is a mythical man who came out of no where to save his community.
I know men ready to do that for our world and GOD who will handle immunity!
Warren Buffett is an investment guru who rode money to the top of the heap.
Can he convince shareholders to take less so Mother Nature can sleep?
Dallas Green, Alexisonfire, City and Colour, sings of a never ending race.
Go on and save your scissors, save your strength and don't forget the grace.
Bruce Sanguin wrote Darwin, Divinity, and the Dance of the Cosmos. WOW!
The Wisdom of Sofia should be sought by ruling men. Listen for her now!
Hubert Sauper, filmed Darwin's Nightmare for the love of Africa. Hear me moan.
Who puts fillets on the table in exchange for guns and leaves the rotting bone?
Eminem, best rapper alive and rap producer, is a man I admire. I think he's hot.
He sings of value, money and power and the downside: that abuse can be bought.

Love Lora Bruncke


I Can't Stop More Powerful Men Continued Forever (continued)

William Shatner, who sold me tickets via priceline, played Captain Kirk.
To his crew and their contacts, he was fair, loving and could take any jerk!
Mel Brooks, 97th of my Powerful Male Producers, inspired Achtung Baby!
As the world spins, do we get dizzy and make mistakes? Will Mel help? Maybe!
Dan Akroyd, ghost buster open to the super natural. I saw him party in New York!
Twelve hours in Madison Square Gardens. You Blues Brothers Rock! Pop the Cork!
Sully Erna, with his group, give a Godsmack thank you to all that pay attention.
I love their heavy metal and to see them play. They want abuse prevention.
With Chris Angel and his mind freak, these men above will move some below.
Chris, ANGELS* at your side, COSMOS in your sight, pray let LOVE GROW!


Men to Move

Some CEO's, and Leaders, political and religious, names to follow..
unknown at this time


Each man on my list, dead or alive, has many women who love him.
He will be asked to call on one: wife, daughter, relative, friend.
Perfect Balance is achievable!