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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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Why cant we stop?

Since the beginning of time, whenever that was, people say/document/portray that different types of living organisms have always had some form of rivalry. Why can't we just simply stop violence? Yea I get mad, its how humans are built. Its that thing in the back of the brain saying 'ok make my body go nuts'. Yet majority of the time i can suppress it. Why can I suppress it more that others? Why must there always be a fight for something? Are we so caught up in everything we are doing that we must fight for everything? I'd love to go get some food for someone, but after I do that they expect me to do it every single time. Why?

I am so confused on why violence is so easy to obtain but happiness is so much better. Why do people prefer violence? Its just not logical. If everyone was happy whats so wrong with that?

Peace for all, but some just like to oppose? Is that the devil speaking? Or is it just my brain wanting more food?

Re: Why cant we stop?

People just seem to fear thinking.