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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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Re: The Pope Should Smoke - tribute to freedom fighters, dead or alive!

I dont smoke at all. I never had or have tried weed etc. But I see where you are coming from.. haha I also am not for the pope b/c im athiest. But I love John's choices and I think that it dosnt matter if you smoke or not as long as you can share peace and, as you said not say GIVE ME. I know exactly what you mean with that point.. but also all those great musicians did come from the 60's which was the time for rebelions and breaking out and finding peace and freedom through experimenting with lsd etc. :P

Thank you, Ariel!

I was raised Catholic and became an athiest in my 20's.
I was lucky enough to be born white, smart, and female with Celtic/French background during the baby boomer era. I got to travel the world, party, do drugs, got staight A's in college, and had my share of martini lunches.
No surprise that I haven't met a man who can outdrink me. I did end up in a ditch in beautiful Bali once but I had been drinking Mekong wiskey and beer with a couple of Australian guys at the local bars, and later in their room. I have also done every illegal drug in the book except crack cocaine, peyote buttons and estasy. Still have time to do them, if I get the chance. Am raising two kids now so will hold off till they are out of the house.
After traveling around the Mediterranean by thumb and into Mexico and Central America by van, I lost my god and gained a respect for other cultures. I became a WHO cares if there is a god anyway, type of person.
Now, about to turn 55, I have become an believer in a destiny that may be influenced by a god or gods.
We live in a rapidly expanding universe where quantum physics rules!
Evolution also!
Have faith in mankind!
You should join the Ishmael community of Daniel Quinn.
A great place for athiests!
AND FOR anyone concerned with THE NEXT GENERATION.
Take care!

Y Series
Inspired by my father-in-law,
Frede Bruncke


Y Lie

It started with Santa to make us all buy.
We lied to our children. I now wonder why?
My parents, they did it and I did it too.
Will our kids lie to theirs? But a lie is not true!
Many in my culture of the brave and the free,
Are slaves to their fears. Why let falsehoods be?
Is it really the money that businesses crave?
Or is it our nature to deceive to the grave?
To lie with a straight face is required by law.
With the liars among us, I've had the last straw!
What will our leaders do, now our children sucked lead?
How will they handle it? Y lie! Tell the truth, instead!

Y Waste

It started from plastic that comes from earth's oil.
It takes years to break down! Why do we spoil!
My parents didn't do it. They scrimped and they saved.
But we were not happy. More and more we craved.
Our economy drives us! We buy, buy, buy, buy!
Because broke is built in! Now I wonder why!
Waste in our landfills, our oceans, our streams.
Many on this planet see nightmares, not dreams.
To grow and progress, we have to devour.
I hope we wake up before the last hour.
Goods are pumped out. Man made toxins are fed.
Will we all be buried? Y waste? Preserve it instead.

Love Lora Bruncke

Y Kill

It started with Cain, maybe even before.
Many do it to children. Bad to the core!
My parents couldn't stop it. Who can anymore?
I cry; but others crave red blood, and gore.
Is it his instinct that prompts men to sin?
Or is it his nature at all costs to win?
Governments kill undercover of spin.
They lead into war for oil, gems, and tin.
All defenders, if smaller, must fight with brute terror,
To stand up to the bully. I wish it were fairer.
Many men are ready to kill for a belief.
Y kill? It brings such unnecessary grief!

Y Abuse

It started with Adam, when we blamed poor fair Eve.
A story from the Bible. Many versions did we weave.
My mother opposed it. My father would overlook,
If it was for his country. He had no Holy Book.
Abuse is so rampant, over here and over there.
Against kids in our country, and in Africa, where,
White man took so much. Oh, how can he sleep?
Why pick on someone smaller? Hear all who weep!
Is love of abuse one of man's greatest flaws!
Y abuse? It should be against all laws!

Y Control

It started with agriculture, man versus the earth.
This is my last WHY, for what its worth!
My dad tried to do it. My mother obeyed.
Big business does it. Why is it okayed?
The media, and our governments, too,
Try to control what we want and what we do.
They use lies, waste, killers, and abuse.
Y Control? Aren't we THE PEOPLE of any use?

Love Lora Bruncke