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Peace or War?

Share your opinion about making war

Peace or War?
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Re: Peace

My first reaction was, "amen." Second, I thought,"I should send emails to YokoOno1- through to YokoOno49... just to see whether they exist or not." Quirky, I know. lol. :)

THird, I thought: how strange to see John and Yoko's names in the same sentence as the catholic church, and pope.. whoever/whatever number.

then I waxed serious about the Pope's comment.. and the presence of peace.. whether it is something within the hearts of men. I am inclined through observation ( and here- I admonish myself in the old addage of: believe only half of what you SEE{and none of what you hear}..).. to think .. that PEACE is an alien. to humanity anyway. It has to come from somewhere outside of man: much more so than war.. or hate.. discontent, malice.. yeah. Or maybe, it is just because the balance has slipped in that direction. too many hits with a rubber chicken.. too many kicks from steeltoed-shiny-street-shoes.or stomps from stilettos... but, yah. Peace. Right on. That is what we must seek, pursue, ensue.. plead for, cry for, bleed for, die for,... maybe we should try sending mr chapman a birthday note.. and not make it a letter bomb.. you know.. just to see what would happen...??? and now I think I am in too deep.

funny how a human mind works, is it not? this is just like a little ink blot.. a sketch of a reaction to a responce on a hot and blistering summer day. in Canada.