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Peace or War?
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Re: Comment on the Song Imagine

Hey Ron, Where are you now? I see the dates here are not in the very present: but the fact that you have posted it here again indicates a heart that is still ticking and a soul that is yet straining to reach to touch,, to hold? someone's hand....??? :) my smile is kind and congenial..I feel great sorrow too, for the way the world has gone, is going...but to get on with my comment (ie: THis Is Not Here;) ;) )
If one lives in the present tense: lives the words of Imagine.. takes the advice of "You better free your mind instead..." and all and every word of what john said... not easy. I know. take the "no posessions" part: you do not posess your children;

you do not posess your religion;

you do not posess your country;

you do not posess your spouse, lover, partner, significant other...

those things all come to the fore AFTER you give up the.. you know.. the regular things we tend to think of as posessions.. like, the house, the car, the clothes, the jewelry (for those who have that) the wedding ring, the..whatever. the dog... you know.. the rock you slept on last night (if you are jesus or jacob)..

for john, it might be... the bullets that blew his flesh away...

or just- - - the memory or essence of Fame.. the Identity.. or illusion of being.. whatever.. to whomever.. connection with the carcass... the power to grasp the attention of people. I think he still wants to be loved- and not as a star, but as a man who passed through death.. and is.. whatever there is after that..of which - - - we do not really know, now do we???

Imagine... if John were to come back....?? I think the miracle would be.. for someone - - anyone - - to believe it was him.. to be willing to ALLOW him to be present.. you know... to just let him BE.. ALive.. and not want to kill him or get him gone - again. Because that was what happpened with Lazarus, after jesus raised him from the dead: they tried to kill him again (the scribes and pharisees). So then, the problem for john becomes: how do you make your presence known or felt: running the risk of catching once again, in one's very bossom.. the hate that blasted you out of the universe.. or world/sphere- - you know.

I have been reading some of the eulogies and memories and guest book postings on a couple of the websites that are dedicated to John... and the emotion is overwhelming many times.. but one has to remember that, the people making the comments are.. resting safe in the assurance that... even though they hope and think and wish and BElieve that John Is Listening, John is Hearing this.. John is reading this.. what if he (or someone for him) stepped up and said something like... "Oh, sorry.. it is 2007 now, and I only just got access to internet recently, so I only just read the comment you made in 2000 or 2005... and ,,, uhm, no - I haven't seen George: I think he took his chance to get off the planet when it came to him ( I sort of hung 'round.. I think I must have asked for that or something...) ... and, no- I haven't really seen my mom yet..." you know: stuff like that. You know what will happen: the person who says any such thing will be hated: just as jesus was hated because he spoke as though he had been talking to God the Father.. you know..

They will be branded as a trouble maker. Ostricized as a charlatan and a deciever: accused of impersonation of a famous being... shot, hung, keel-hauled, stripped, crucified, burned at the stake, quartered and filleted... turned into sushi.. tarred and feathered and hung in the wind on a lamppost in the onset of a hurricane... you know.. nailed to a tree in the path of the next imminent tornado: while everyone else runs for cover.

So, I guess what I am pondering is.. Do we really want John to answer ??? ;) ;)