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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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Re: "For those who think love and peace was a cliche left behind in the sixties. It was not. Peace a

I wish War was a cliche, left to rot in the belly of the rusted tanks and burned out submarines of the 1940's. See how absurd it is to relegate existence to nonentity? I think what we need to figure out is how to overcome the hypocrits who seemingly have lost their souls so far away as to not even FEEL anything anymore. Love is a FEELING. Remember???- - - Love is real:) just as Hate is real too :(... Yeah, John is a being who wants to be loved. How do we do that? That is the ultimate question. John has a regret, I think. When he did "All we are saying is give Peace a Chance!".. he made the mistake of adding the words, "not war" to his mantra. Today, I think he would just want to say.. (so that EVERYONE GETS IT... you know...): "I want you to make LOVE. period." :)

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Those of you who do not believe in a peaceful solution and that every single soul on this planet is equal. And that not one child deserves to be maimed and tortured, well, to you "uptight,narrow-minded, short-sighted, hippocrits" this isn't something you would enjoy.

Let me start off by saying "All You Need is Love". Here is the thing that John Lennon did, he never forced his opinion on anyone, he was not a prophet, or any other entity you would like to think of. He was merely a flawed man. Who "just wanted to be loved". The beautiful thing about John Lennon was that he just gave you the bread, wether you ate or not was entirely up to you. He asked you to Imagine. He sang all you need is love. He fought for peace. And if we as a Nation, as a People, do not fight for this peace, well, we are simply insulting every person who has died for our so called Freedom. We are insulting Lennon. We are insulting the Human race. I am not going to be the preacher nor do I plan for the readers of you to listen to young man like me. All I am asking, all Lennon was asking was to just DO SOMETHING about the hate, the war, the tyrranic individuals that run this supposed "One Nation Under God". Peace may not come in this lifetime. Maybe even not the next. But let me tell you if we DO SOMETHING it will come. So, all we are saying Mr.Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mrs. Rice, Mr.uptight,narrow-minded, short-sighted, hippocrit, is please give it a try you may just find that peace is the answer...

Re: Re: "For those who think love and peace was a cliche left behind in the sixties. It was not. Pea

Here is a much as well all love peace and harmony some feel that in order to attain this feeling, such as in the middle east or Iraq, it can only be reached by force. To them they rae fighting for what they love, trying to protect all that is precious to them. According to their values this is 'right', this is the only way.

Who are we to judge and declare our values are more worthy than anothers.

Granted preservation of life is a global goal, some maintain this goal based on different values.

What are your thoughts?