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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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Listen people! Lets do something about this!

Alright. I'm very glad to see that there are still people who believe in peace, and it makes me happy to see you speak out about it. But if you believe in peace so much and you want it SO badly then why not do something? speak out and let the whole world hear you. This message goes out to ALL young adults around the world who want a peaceful and love-filled future for our generation! we CAN do something if we all get together and fight for what we believe in. COME TOGETHER as John Lennon once sang. There are millions of ignorant citizens out there who are not aware of what is happening in our government. Please get back to me, lets get together and have our voices heard.

Re: Listen people! Lets do something about this!

i think the same! jhon lennon would be proud of everyone if they all help to make peace come alive!
screw the goverment we want peace, and we want it now!!
lets do somthing about this, speak out like john lennon did, remember john lennon would be proud.


Re: Listen people! Lets do something about this!

OMG!! i totally agree yeah i jus started learning aobut John myself so i'm a little bit late but already he is my hero!! Yes!! I want tod do sumthin now about it!! sadly i don't kno where to start but he had a dream and we should for fill it!! i would lik to find more ppl lik u online so we can talk about this or try to figure sumthin out!!Peace is all we need if we already hav luv in our hearts...and yes i do believe that John will b happy to kno that even tho we are in hiding and no one knows that we still want WORLD PEACE, we hav to take a stand sumday

Whitney B.