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Peace or War?

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Peace or War?
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Re: Suck BUsh Dick Chaeney

I agree with that he should be inpeached!Like how did he become president?This is an outrage.I wish people would also open there eyes,this is not a way to live.There should be Peace,but people aren't willing to give peace a chance.I'm sick of Bush and his ways,I hope people relise what we have and not to vote for him in the next election.I want peace NOW!and many are with me so please eveyone do what you can to try to stop this outrage!!!

Love and Peace,
Power to the People!!

Re: Re: Suck BUsh Dick Chaeney

I completely why don't we do something about it? Let other people know. There are many ignorant people out there, you can't even imagine, especially my generation (I'm 18 btw). You're saying you want peace NOW, so lets try and do something about it. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Get back to me on that, both of you.

Re: Re: Re: SBDC CardsNotesLettersFrom Here.

Struggling to offer... a note from the homefront. A message in a bottle, set adrift in the turmoil and waters... come in, come in... do not be breaking up, scottie... Prayers are powerful, thoughts are powerful, actions speak even more. Here is my action, let's see the reaction. better: responce. my prayer, my wish, my thought... we can.