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The Enchanted Voyagers Association is a chapter of the American Voyager Association.  The club was formed by Kawasaki Voyager Riders in New Mexico, but is open to all riders.  Please feel free to use this service.

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Good day to ya

Good day to ya.
Have a great day. Ride safe.


Re: Good day to ya

And a good day to ya too!!
Nice again last night. Down to 61 so far and heading for 94. A little heat wave for today, but then back down to the upper 90's.
Get to ride out to a RADAR site today to do some work, so that will be good.
Bob and Dorothy, I suppose you have your flannel sheets on the bed now that it is cooling off so much. And how is the healing going?
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good day to ya

'Mornin, All;
RR, I just recieved the monthly NL from the local CMA chapter, and they're talking about a poker run in Roswell to help support a 'field of flags' that's going to be there om 09/11/11. The website addy is suncrestriders.org.
is this something we could help in? Let me know what you think. Temp is about 65, headed for a high in the upper 80's. Going to get Ol'Faithful out of the shop Saturday.
It'll be good to have her home. $7.00 left in my bank account, and I have a Dr. appt. this afternoon! Oh, Well!!
Friday (and payday) is coming!!
Everyone have a Great Day!!

Ride Safe & Sane; and PLEASE-ATGATT!!
Hank, Ol'Faithful, & the Silver Bullet
'03 Voyager XII~Last of the Breed

Re: Good day to ya

Ha Ha! We have flannel sheets but not quite time to put them on yet. We're having a little heat wave here too, with temps reaching up to 104 today or tomorrow. But the night temps have been dropping which is very nice.
I'm just about completely healed, I'd say about 98%. Dorothy is probably at about 90% and the last 10% is real slow! She has been going to a fitness center to work out 3 days a week since the beginning of Sept. So that is good. The doctor told her that it could be a total of 6 months before the ribs and adjacent muscles are completely restored. She hasn't gotten on the bike yet, but talks like she will. All in good time. Everyone have a good day.