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She's Back... (REALLY Long Post/Rant!)

Well, after 2 days of 'fiddling about' with the Silver Bullet, the dealer called me today and told me that they couldn't reproduce the problem, and that they had cleaned the starter button and didn't find any anomalies. I told them I'd pick up the bike today.
About noonish, I was transported down there by a friend from work and picked her up. I told the service manager that I was riding to Alamogordo Saturday and asked how much they'd charge for a pickup from that distance. As I figured, there was some 'Hemmin' & Hawin', and I was told that if that happened, they'd arrange pickup with an outside transportation outfit. I wonder how much THAT would cost!? Anyway, after they got through cleaning her (a standared procedure with thier service department), they brought her out, I got on, and she started right up. I rode her home, picked up the parts that I'd recieved for Ol'Faithful, and took them down to my friend's shop, where she was being worked on. I dropped them off, had a short chat with him, grabbed a late lunch, and headed home.
I am very impressed with the Triumph organization.
The lastthree times I have brought the Rocket in for serviceing (adjustments, other small stuff, and this ignition problem, THEY HAVE NOT CHARGED ME ONE PENNY.
Also, as I noted above, no matter how dirty your bike is when you bring it in (and the 'bullet' was Dirty with a Capital D!), when you get it back, it is clean.
They don't detail it, but they get 75-80% of the dirt off, which is clean in my book. When was the last time a Kawasaki dealer service dept. treated it's customers like this? I am so impressed with the rider support these guys give, my next touring bike could very well be a Triumph Rocket 3 Tourer. It's not as fancy as the new Voyager, and it doesn't have a lot of the anemities that the Kawasaki does, but that is not as big of a problem to me as having a dealer that will stand behind you, no matter what!
It's fun to deal with a MOTORCYCLE dealer...No Boats or Farm Implements anywhere on the property. ("Naw, we don't do that stuff...We're a motorcycle dealer."-P.J. Mariani, owner of PJ's Triumph/Ducati)
I just noticed that this is real long...I'm on a 'rant-page' Sorry!! See you all in alamogordo!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank, Ol'Faithful (in ICU)
& 'the Silver Bullet' (current 'daily driver')
'03 Voyager XII~Last of the Breed