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Good Morning

Good morning all
Sure am glad yesterday is over. Cindy and I went for a Trike ride to Cloudcroft. That was good, but when I went to get gas my debit card had 'no funds'. Found out my online banking had withdrawn $19,000 Friday, so I have no money for the weekend until they open Tuesday. Glad I wasn't on a trip or I would be stranded. Of course I always have cash with me also, but not enough for an entire trip.
Then after we got back I went to get a new toilet to replace one we have. It took 3 trips to get things installed. It did not have the gasket and hardware for attaching the tank to the bowl. First they gave me an aftermarket kit to do it and that didn't work. Then they finally opened another box and gave me the one I originally needed. Took about 3 hours for a 45 minute job!!
Anyhow, 55 with clear skies heading for 82. The rain Friday was nice. Now the sun will get things growing.
Indy 500 and then the Coca Cola 600 today. A good day for racing.
Get to sleep in for the summer as we go to one service on sundays at 9:30.
Yall have a great day!!


Re: Good Morning/Good Evening

Good Evening!!
Had a Great day today. After Church I went to the garage and worked on the new 'HippieStiffener' reinforcing bar I had bought for my new crash bars, changed it from black to bright (polished.) Afterwards, I went on a ride to a place that has good Chili Cheese burgers, then I rode a stretch of pre-1937 Route 66 that I know and love. Got back into town about 5:00. More Fun Tomorrow!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank & Ol'Faithful
03VXII-Last Of The Breed