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Good Morning

Good morning all
Heading in to work a little early today. Have to get some things done before the regular people get in.
Currently 50 heading for 79. Looks like the wind will be back tomorrow bringing cooler temps again.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good Morning (Long Post)

Good Morning, All;
Well, it's another Tuesday morning. It's in the mid 40's in Albuquerque, headed for a high in the low 60's. I found out that my friends who wanted to buy Ol'Faithful backed out of the deal-thier son (who they were buying her for) doesn't want a bike right now. No problem. Since I'm going to be keeping her for awhile, I need to do some things to her...replace the casesavers, and the broken plastic on the front.
She's going to need a new front tire soon, and the speedo quit working yesterday...The cable is only about 6 months old. Went to my local dealer, sat on a V1700 'classic', and ordered a new speedo cable.
The V1700 was nice, the seating position was ok, but I would definitely require a backrest of some sort if the V17's position is anything like that. TYhe seat was comfortable, though. They're expecting their V17
next month and it's already sold...To a young guy who currently rides a Nomad. If the V17 doesn't do anything else, it'll introduce a whole new generation to 'luxo-touring' motorcycles, which is Not a bad thing! As for me, I'll see how I feel after I get to take a demo ride on one. (The salesman couldn't believe that I'd never ridden a v-twin!) Everyone have a Great Day!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank & Ol'Faithful

P.S. to RR...Rusty is gone, I guess you should take her off my info on the roster. See you in Junction!