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Good Morning

Good morning all
Spring has sprung again. Only 42 so far this morning heading for 78 and then 80 for a few days. No rain though and we are needing it badly.
Heading down to El Paso this morning taking Cindy to the eye doctor. Hopefully she will be finished with this and will be able to get glasses soon. Then she can try for her license again and will be able to drive the trike.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good Morning

Good Morning, All;
We're having a tropical 'heat wave' in Albuquerque this morning, 40 degrees headed for a high of 70! Looks like it's time to pull out the summer riding outfit!
I'm going to ride Ol'Faithful in to work today, as I have some running to do during lunch. Looking forward to Sadies, and it's confirmed...I will have a passenger! Everyone have a Great Monday!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank S.

Re: Re: Good Morning

Good PM ya'll. Got my copy of "Accelerate" when I finaly went to post office. I didn't see any EVA or LSV folks in any of the pics. Maybe we all need to try a little harder to get to these things. Or better yet we can each push & prod each other.
I know where I'd like to push COP, but then they do provide my paycheck, so I shouldn't be to mad about it...just wish they'd share their "billions" at year end......oh well....I guess some of us just have to be born good looking instead of rich...aint' that right Rod?

Re: Re: Re: Good Morning

Don't know bout that Rick, I was born with the burden of being both!! The article about riding to the WSB races in Tooele was by a fellow COG rider. I met him there and we visited a little. He also rode on the the COG rally in Frisco, CO and we rode together a bit there. Yes, we could do more to send an article in to ROK. Maybe I will for one of my rides sometime.