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Good Afternoon...

Hi, All...
Tried to work on Rusty this morning, looks like I'm going to have to find a new gas tank...and they are getting very rare. Haven't started the injectors yet, want to get the problem with the tank cleared up first. Hope everyone's having fun at the SFR...

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank, Rusty & Junior

Re: Good Afternoon...

Well, I contacted Carl Leo, and have purchased some taillight lenses for 'Junior', now I have to find another gas tank for Rusty. If anyone hears of a good Voyager 1300 gas tank (any year), please let me know! Ride Safe,


P.S. Stan, are you around??

Re: Re: Good Afternoon...

I'm here Hank.
What's wrong with Rusty's tank?

Re: Re: Re: Good Afternoon...

Hi, Stan;
I was going to repaint it, then started looking at it...Back when I was just getting Rusty on the road
(back in '04) a friend's employee (who didn't really have a clue) pressurized my tank while trying to 'clear the vents'. This resulted in the tank expanding to the point where it would not mount on the bike any more (too much distance between the mounts underneath). This also resulted in weakening the tank's structure (although I didn't know it at the time.) My friend carefully 'rebent it' so it would work, but in the intervening years, sitting in the hot sun, half full of gas, it started expanding
again (an undamaged tank will not do this), resulting in a 'sloppy' fit, and the right side of the fairing
rubbing in to the tank. I have decided that the wise thing to do would be to obtain an undamaged tank. I'm hoping to come up with one inside of 2 weeks, so I can go ahead and get the painting done. Rusty's still running fine, but this was a setback.
Do you think we can do the saddlebag mounts on Junior this afternoon? I'll give you a call after church.

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank, Rusty & Junior

Re: Re: Re: Re: Good Afternoon...

This afternoon is good with a couple of little gotchas.
1) You'll need to come up to the house.
2) We'll have to do the job in the driveway as I have my bike torn down in the garage. I'm adding Prog. springs,changing out the radio, installing horns (thanks to you scaring the c__p out of us last week), and rewiring my ruuning lights with a relay.
3) You'll need to wear blinders as our taxes are all over the dining room table.
4) You need to consider staying for dinner, Helen is in a mood to cook.

Call me!