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Happy Valentines Day


Good morning.


Re: Happy Valentines Day

Good morning all
53 here heading for 72 with wind. Cooling off with good chance for rain the next two days.
The recon trip to Terlingua is postponed for a couple days. Have to take Cindy back to El Paso to the eye doctor for a check-up tomorrow morning. That is probably a good thing to delay the recon trip with the way the weather looks.
Will leave after the 'Great American Race' Sunday and be back Monday night.
Have been spending WAAAAAY too much time in 4-wheelers the past few days. Three trips to El Paso so far this week. Sure felt good to get back on the C14 to ride to work yesterday. The recon trip will be a good chance to get this out of my system.
Yall have a great day.
I refuse to give in to the requests of the card and flower and whatever other businesses for a drummed up excuse for them to get money. By the way, Cindy agrees. I tell her every day I love her and am happy to be with her.

Re: Re: Happy Valentines Day

good Morning! RR, it's nice to know that for Cindy, every day is Valentines' Day! It's about 32 in Albuquerque today, with a predicted high of 57. Gonna ride in this morning. Rain & snow on tap for tomorrow & Saturday. I'm definitely planning on the SFR, will probably stay at the 'cheap' motel. The '03 is ready, I'll probably pick it up Saturday.

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank & Rusty