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The Enchanted Voyagers Association is a chapter of the American Voyager Association.  The club was formed by Kawasaki Voyager Riders in New Mexico, but is open to all riders.  Please feel free to use this service.

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Enchanted Tour

Good day all
Got home about 11:45 after a nice ride over Emory Pass. Had a great time at the ET with rides and visiting. Had a good gully washer last night that lasted a good 20 minutes. I thought I would be putting away a wet tent, but it wasn't even damp, just a few drops of water this morning. I took it out when I got home anyhow. Just finished taking a shower and putting the tent away. Everything is unpacked.
We discussed the Enchanted Voyagers future and since I am getting burned out with this we decided to end the EV. The money we have in our fund will go to the down rider fund of the LSV. THe EV forum and web site are paid up for a few months, so will keep it up and running. I will be putting out a newsletter going over all this soon also. We will keep up with the ET, but it will just be on the LSV web site. No changes are expected there.
Yall have a great day.


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Re: Enchanted Tour

Hi everyone,
I got home about 10:00 Az time. Had a good time. I think the 20 minute gully washer was closer to an hour long! But I also stayed nice and dry. Dave got away around 5:00 this morning, and he had about 700 plus miles to go. Just heard from Charlie and he just got home - 420 miles. Food was good; company was even better and the scenery was wonderful. I just finished drying out some stuff and putting everything away. At 95 and sunny, it doesn't take long to get stuff dry. Everyone have a blessed day, and oh yeah, we missed you Brad and Jim!

Re: Enchanted Tour

I got home about 5:40 after 765 miles. The scenic route to Van Horn via Loop 375, US 180, and TX 54 added some extra miles. I had to cross a 20 foot wide stretch of mud and gravel that washed across a low spot on 54. Fortunately, a few other vehicles had already crossed and packed it down a bit.