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Good Saturday Morning

The monsoon is back. There was a long gentle rain last night - looks to have dropped at least an inch of water. Today I drive over to a furniture warehouse with the truck and pick up a new desk for Dorothy's office. Then....maybe a front tire change out! We'll see. Have a blessed day.

Re: Good Saturday Morning

Good Morning, Everyone!
Bob, thanks for the info on the fairing plastic. I need to get down to the Kawasaki store and pick up some of those nuts for the fairing (I'm missing 2.)
I'm hoping to have her back together by this fall (hopefully before I retire) so I can take her over to the shop to have the carbs done, and new seals in the front end. I'm hoping to have her running by the Spring of 2016, ready for another 100K!! Meanwhile, I found out that the prison ministry trip has been cancelled so I just might be able to make the ET. I need to get my tent and sleeping bag aired out. COMMEEEOOONNNN, RETIREMENT!!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank, Lil'Putt, & 'the Grey Lady'

Re: Good Saturday Morning

Good morning all
Up to 84 already with clear skies. Heading for 97.
Washed several thousand miles worth of bugs off the C14, so it is ready for the ET. Will have to do a bit more cleaning, but it looks a lot better. Hope you can make the ET Hank. It is currently 68 in Silver City and heading for 83. Looking good.
Have to work on the computer more. Have it almost back to the status it was several days ago.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good Saturday Morning

71/103 Tell me more about the rain and the 97 degree highs - that sounds nice.

Re: Good Saturday Morning

We are finally back home today from Colorado. The grandson was just as glad to see his mother as I was. But we had a good time. Went on top of Pikes Peak by Cog Railroad. Don't think I have ever been over 14,000 feet. But, I didn't have any issues just a rocky mountain high as they say.
I didn't have wifi and couldn't communicate. Just read the index getting caught up. Not sure how Bob B is coming on his bike. Last I heard the new fuel pump got it started but it died again on the way to town. He was going to check his filter and change out the fuel.
Sure hated to come back to the heat but its good to be home. The yard needs mowed along with lots of other stuff. Kind of hit the door running. Looking forward to the ET. I will ride with the Judge (and hopefully Bob) down to Silver City.
Have a good evening.