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More rain......

We got a pretty good rain last night. Kind of gentle, but over an extended time. We should get more tonight ...they say! We got to babysit our two great grandkids yesterday. Boy that takes energy - keeping up with a 19 month old who likes to play with cars and trucks and tractors. Did I say he was all boy!

I have an appointment this AM at the VA to get blood drawn. They're going to use me as a pin cushion! Well, everyone have a blessed day!

Re: More rain......

Bob sounds like you have your hands full. We are taking one of our grandkids up into Colorado next week. I will busy today getting the camper ready to go.
Have a good day!

Re: More rain......

Good morning all
Having a great time here in Indianapolis with kids and grandkids. Had a good time at the race Sunday. Our drivers didn't win, but it was still good.
Wheather has been HUMID, but it is beautiful today. Pleasant outside so far today. Supposed to get up to upper 80's with pleasant humidity. Had a good rain Sunday after the race and clouds off and on since then. Clear skies this morning.
Three more weeks until the ET. It is coming up soon. Weather should be pleasant for riding the Silver City area also.
The time is going by too fast though.
Yall have a great day.