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Good Saturday Morning!!

Good Morning, All;
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood of Albuquerque, NM, USA today, 70/95 and sunny-no rain. I'm going to work on the Olds engine and put the GPS on Lil'Putt. She goes in Tuesday to get a new front tire. I'm also going to pick up those handlebar risers I've been talking about. I'd like to get the large saddlebag lids, but at 3-400.00 a pair, it's gonna be awhile. The plumbing job is on hold until maybe September. Everyone Have a Great Day!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank, Lil'Putt, & 'the Grey Lady'

Re: Good Saturday Morning!!

Good day all
Made it to Indianapolis about 11:30 last night. Had a good ride. It was rather warm riding Friday thru Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. And humid. Was glad when the sun got low and it started to cool(?) down a bit. Made it to just east of Des Moines Thursday with a 1,012 mile day. I believe that may be my first 1,000 mile day on this C14, can't remember for sure. Hadn't planned on it, but as I wanted to have less than 300 for my Wisconsin destination, I kept riding. Stopped about 11:30 that night. Then Friday morning was going by 5:45 and made it to the Carr Valley Cheese factory before noon to get cheese curds and summer sausage and other cheese to take to my daughters. Then visited my aunt and uncle in Madison for a bit and it was time to head southeast. Chicago was BAD. I should have made Indianapolis by 10 that night, but ended up being 11:30 because of all the traffic, construction and all. Only rain I rode thru was Friday morning for a few hours, only a light rain, but it kept things cool. Made 712 miles that day for another Iron Butt goal of 1,500 miles in 2 days. Haven't been on any rides bofre with more than 1,500 miles, so this was my first. A little under 1,900 miles for the ride.
Enloying the time here with two daughters and 3 grandchildren.
Bob, happy you didn't have the fuel pump problems on the RFTW. That would have been bad. Hope you get things worked out for the ET.
As I was getting close to Mooreland, OK, I called Jim and Sandra for lunch, but no luck, so I continued on. Will have to see how things work out on the way home. Can't remember if my plans bring me by Mooreland.
Yall have a great day