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Good morning

Good morning all
Another beautiful morning, down to 44, but only getting up to 62. Clear skies now, but supposed to be getting cloudy later. No talk of rain, just clouds.
Looked for another campground in Alpine for the SFR. Found the Lost Alaskan which is just north of Alpine. Looks pretty good from their web site and other views. Looks like some grass in the tenting area. I have their info on the SFR web site. Would be good if the weather would be like here now. Still a bit early for warm temps though. Should be a good time.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good morning

39/52 with a 20% chance of rain in ABQ this morning (and as RR would say, that's an 80% chance of sunshine-I like that!) Lookin' out the window, it's a bit cloudy and windy, but that will not bother me. Got the oil pan for the cage stripped and ready for paint yesterday. Friday is payday, so I'll probably paint Saturday. STILL need to wash the Honda, she needs a bath, bad!! Saving my pennies and dimes for the SFR!
Everyone Have a Great Day!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank S. & 'Lil'putt

Re: Good morning

35/77 no rain - just nice. If that campground is north of Alpine doesn't that mean the overnight low will be colder than down south in Alpine?

Re: Good morning

We've driven past the Lost Alaskan a few times; It's on highway 118 in Alpine on the road to Fort Davis.