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help - no tail lights

Argh! Motersickle electrics! Bulbs are good. The '94 V12 with 98,000 mile, starts & runs. At the brown, 7 pin connector at the ignition switch pigtail, there's no voltage on the red tail light wire whether the connector is plugged together or not (yes, with the ignition switch on). Both the main circuit, white wires (at this connector)are hot. I'm thinking that either the red wire is broken at the ign sw, or worse, the sw is bad internally but I want to test the wiring downstream from the brn connector. For a test, can I jumper the white wire to the red wire with the ignition disconnected - to see if the wiring from brown connector to the lights is good without frying something? Any other suggestions besides the one where I save the tail light bulbs & use them in a new bike? I'm really dreading R&Ring that ign sw.

Re: help - no tail lights

I know there has been a problem with some V12's. When the handlebars are turned to the stop in one direction it puts a strain on the wires coming from the ignition switch. And that has caused some broken wires. Not sure if it would be right next to the switch or not. Can you tap into the red wire closer to the ignition switch, like right next to the switch to see if it is OK there? Unfortunately I am thinking it gets pulled right at the switch.
Good luck.


Re: help - no tail lights

I had the same thing happen with my turn signal wire. It pulled in two about 3 inches out of the ignition switch. Push the harness together and you might get them to work long enough to see if that is the location of your problem. Good luck.

Re: help - no tail lights

I chased it down to the ignition switch (or its wire harness). I'm gonna confirm that Carl has an ign sw assy before I pull it but I'm more hopeful from input received that it's a broken wire not a worn out switch.