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The Enchanted Voyagers Association is a chapter of the American Voyager Association.  The club was formed by Kawasaki Voyager Riders in New Mexico, but is open to all riders.  Please feel free to use this service.

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36/55 Sunny & cold - well, it's probably not cold by TX Panhandle standards, but still...


21 deg here this morning. We will be going over to Mary's parents house tonight for the big paper fly. Goggles are always recommended. Have a Merry Christmas.


Good Morning, Everyone;
28/42 in ABQ today. At least it's sunny. Went over and had breakfast at the senior center this morning, and talked with a few friends. Had a great time. I'm beginning to realize that it's good to have friends around, and I'm wondering how I'm going to fare alone in Mountainair. Guess I'll find out. Hoping to take a ride after it warms up a bit, and want to make the Christmas eve service at church this evening. Everyone Have a Great Day!

Ride Safe & Sane;
EVA Hank