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Good morning, it's raining!

Tropical storm something-or-other is here and it has been drizzling most of the night. The timing was very convenient for me as it moved in late yesterday, giving me all day to spend under my tent trailer welding on the braces. Still have a bit more to do before I primer and paint the bare metal. With the chances of showers being likely today, I may take a trip into town to purchase some supplies. I miss the sunshine but welcome the rain. Have a blessed day.

Re: Good morning, it's raining!

67/92 Those Baja "hurricanes" have been berra berra good to you.

Re: Good morning, it's raining!

Good morning all
A rather cool ride home this morning. The first night of my night shifts. Was doing well until about 5 when I got tired. Bed will feel good.
Saw 54 on the C14 for the ride home. Up to 63 here. Cloudy to the west, probably the rain Bob is getting.
Glad you didn't start any fires with your welding. Good luck with finishing the project.
Going to see Blue Man Group tonight. Then come home and head back south to work.
Yall have a great day.