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Good morning

Good morning all
Down to 63 so far this morning and heading for 82 with our normal clear skies. Still kinda humid, but it is getting back to normal.
Had a busy Saturday and didn't post. Helped a couple from church move to a new house. Was pretty tired after that and didn't feel much like getting on the PC. Slept very well Saturday night.
Got a call from Chip Slauter Saturday morning. He is from the LSV and is in Capitan for a while helping a friend build a log cabin. He asked if I would like to go for a ride. I told him I had to help someone move, but to give me a call this Friday or Saturday if he isn't busy.
Heading in to work for a couple hours then heading to El Paso to take Cindy to a doctor. She has been having heart palpitations and is going to a heart specialist.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good morning

Hey, Everyone!
59/79 with a 40% chance of wx in ABQ today. I'll probably be riding in anyway. RR, I'm putting your wife on my prayer list. Heart palpitations are NOT a good thing! Didn't get a whole lot done last weekend, but I did get rested up for this week. Anyone interested in an October lunch ride? Called the Kawasaki shop to schedule the 8k check up for the NT, and was told to go to the Honda dealer. DUH!! Called the Honda shop and am scheduled to drop it off Thursday after work. I have no experience with them, so I am doing a thorough check as soon as I get it back. We'll see what happens. Everyone Have a Great Day!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
EVA Hank

Re: Good morning

We got home from Pinetop yesterday very glad to be home. The get-away was OK, but not what I expected it to be. The Miata ran great and the brakes worked perfectly after I had worked on them last week. I have a friend coming over this AM with his trailer and we're doing some mods to the trailer. Later today I need to make some calls and try to locate a certain size of steel tubing to shore up the frame on my tent trailer. The weather is really getting nice, with projected highs in the 80's all week and the humidity abating. Hope everyone has a blessed day.