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The Enchanted Voyagers Association is a chapter of the American Voyager Association.  The club was formed by Kawasaki Voyager Riders in New Mexico, but is open to all riders.  Please feel free to use this service.

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Good morning

Good morning all
Cooler this morning, down to 60 which I believe is the low so far this season. Clear skies. Had rain in the mountains yesterday, but none here at home. Still HUMID here.
Heading for 83 this day with clear skies.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good morning

Good Morning, All;
65/84, no chance of rain today. Havin' problems with respiratory allergies this morning. Need to pick up some Benadryl at work. Also need to put the liner in my mesh jacket as its a bit cool in the morning nowadays. My does is driving me duts!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
EVA Hank

Re: Good morning

Hey everyone,
Dorothy and I leave this AM in the Miata to head to Pinetop. We'll be following our friends to their cabin. This cabin has no internet service so we'll be off the airwaves for awhile. Should be nice and relaxing thru the weekend. We'll be taking Route 77 up to Globe and then Route 60 thru Salt River Canyon. I love that drive thru the canyon. Yesterday was a fun day spent with some friends from church. They have some disabilities and I don't think they eat real well. We grilled some chicken and Dorothy fixed this potato recipe that I LOVE. These folks really enjoyed the meal, and then we played Dominos the rest of the day. This was time well spent. Well, you all have a good day and I'll be checking in on Sunday night.

Re: Good morning

Another beautiful day on tap here in the mountains. Went out riding again yesterday and noticed that the Wortly Hotel where we had lunch on the ET, was closed and had a for sale sign in front.
Hank are you getting excited about the Balloon Fiesta a week from Saturday? Most locals I know don't like the chaos it brings with balloons falling all over town blocking traffic. We had one land right behind my sons house one year.
Everyone be careful today on your travels.

Re: Good morning

55/86 & nice. The humidity is high here also but relatively speaking ( ) it feels dry. HS, my dose is acting up also.