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Good morning

Good morning all
Had a great weekend. Nice and relaxing. Now off to work for another week. Cloudy this morning, but doesn't look like a chance for rain. Currently 68 and heading for 80.
Good luck Speedball with the wasps. Hopefully you can get rid of them without much problem.
Found out yesterday My sun-in-law's sister lost her baby with just 1 more week to go. They live in Las Cruces and were married just last fall. Such a sad time for them. Prayers would be appreciated for them.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good morning

Good morning all. Drove up to Alto yesterday. I did bring my bike to take some rides if it will quit raining long enough. Coming through Roswell yesterday was a high speed wind shield wiper rain. Felt sorry for all those bikes going home from the rally. I asked Mr Bass if he wanted to come but he said he had work to do. I think he is in Oklahoma.
Have a good day.

Re: Good morning

Good Morning, All;
64/79 with a 40% chance of wx in ABQ. today. I might 'wimp out', put the bike in the garage (to clean after work), and catch a ride to work. Weekend was fun, got rid of some laundry that had piled up, and crunched numbers on the budget. I'm taking a budgeting class at church. We'll see how that comes out! Everyone Have a Great Day!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
EVA Hank

Re: Good morning

63/91 & really nice here. RR, sorry to hear about your in-laws loss. Our prayers are with them. Wasp effort is going well.
Brad, It's my understanding that hi-speed wipers are only available on the very top tier of Harley. You must have a heckuva nice bike.
Hank, that is quite an admirable quality that you have - having fun doing laundry.

Re: Good morning

Still raining on the mountain. I hope it will clear tomorrow. Richard, even the gold wings don't have high speed wipers. However, they do have toe warmers.