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A work-on-the-car day

Well I think I have all the parts for the front brakes on Dorothy's Miata. Hope to get it all put back together and the brakes bled this morning. We may get a t-storm this afternoon. We'll see.

Re: A work-on-the-car day

71/88 I'm still at war with red wasps. Other than that, I may go riding.

Re: A work-on-the-car day

I hear a shotgun works well!

Re: A work-on-the-car day

Good Morning, All;
66/81 in ABQ today, slight chance of wx later this afternoon. I'm broke, so staying home and working on the budget and getting the engine block on the stand, and ready to build. It's beautiful outside right now. Everyone Have a Great Day!!

Ride safe & Sane;
EVA Hank
PS to Richard: Birdshot should do the job!!

Re: A work-on-the-car day

Good morning all
Been on my bicycle ride already this morning, into town. Weather is looking beautiful. Currently 75, but was down to 67. Heading for mid 80's.
Looking beautiful for the Golden Aspen Rally. Been seeing motorcycles going up that way on my ride this morning.
Good luck Bob with the brakes. The bleeding is always fun. I have done that on the C14 lately (the '08). Cindy would keep the reservoir full while I pumped.
And Richard, a good way to get rid of the wasps is to poke at their nest with a stick and then run REALLY FAST. Get them away from your property and lost at someone else's property. Then sneak back to your house!! Good luck with that!!
Hank, good luck with the engine. Is it hard to lift the engine onto the stand with one hand and put in the bolts with the other hand?
Yall have a great day.