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Another day in paradise

Hey everyone,
I tried to post yesterday, and actually had quite a bit to say. But when I submitted it, I got a message that spam was detected and the whole thing was erased. That disgruntled me a lot! Oh well. I got the closet textured on Wednesday, and primed as well as the base moulding nailed on yesterday. I will paint it with the finish semigloss today. As I tried to explain yesterday, the reason I am paying such detail with a closet is that I am practicing my techniques, because I have other drywall work to do throughout my house, the most notable of which is the living room. Also I tend to be a perfectionist, which more often than not drives me crazy. This closet is walk-in and is good size, about 5'x16'. Dorothy has been patiently waiting for this for years! She should nag me more. It rained here last night and was delightful. There should be more rain today through Sunday, but we'll see. Hope all of you have a blessed day.

Re: Another day in paradise

Good morning all. It seems like every time I spray texture it looks different than the last time. Good luck Bob! And yes I did trade off my money pit for another. I plan on keeping this one all stock and not fall into the custom motor trap again. Live and learn I guess. I will be headed to Odessa the end of next week to take my mother in for some treatments. Pat has mentioned riding to the Ozarks with me this fall. And anyone else is welcome to go. I went one year of high school in Harrison, Arkansas just south of Branson so I know the roads pretty good.
Have a great day!

Re: Another day in paradise

Hi Brad,
The Ozarks is one area that I have never seen, and is on my bucket list. I am registered already for the Voyage Home, so I think it unlikely that Dorothy would like me taking off again this Fall. However, considering I am busting my rear with her closet, perhaps she would be understanding! Ha Ha. Glad you got the bike swap taken care of. Sure is nice having a dependable ride. Glad to hear your mother is doing better. Take care.