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Good day

Good afternoon all
Up to 71 already with clear skies and nice bright sunshine. Was cool again this morning, down to 37 when I left work. Thankfully I had my electrics along and I wasn't even cool fore the ride home. A bit cooler than Ruidoso in August.
Good to hear from you Bob. Enjoy your weekend. I found out this morning I have the weekend off also. Don't have to go back to work until Monday. But then mine only last another 2 weeks. Get to watch the race tomorrow. And sleep at night.
And when we have sad news there is always good news. My daughter and her family will be arriving Wednesday. Their son Dexter will be baptized a week from tomorrow. And his family from Las Cruces will be here for the event also. Planning a big meal here after!! God always has GOOD NEWS!! And has really blessed us.
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good day

Good Evening All;
I was a busy person this morning. Slept late, then got up, did some reading and went out and did some work on the V17. Put her on the lift, tightened up the drive belt, cleaned her a bit, checked all the fluids, and installed a set of 'Hippo Hands' handlebar covers that keep your hands warm. With them on the bike, my pants, and my 3-season jacket, I'm ready to try to make the trip to San Diego. I'll take some pics, and do an article in the NL after I get back. I'll keep in touch, things along I-10 and I-8 have been a bit dicey lately (dust storms, crashes, and etc.) Everyone Have a Great Evening!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank & 'the Grey Ladies'

Re: Good day

Howdy from the Panhandle.
I will be going to Odessa tomorrow to help out with my step dads cancer. My mom is having trouble moving him etc. Don't know how long I will need to stay. Hank be careful on your trip! Watch out for those crazy people in Arizona. You know how Bob and Charlie are!

Have a good day.

Re: Good day

Hey, Hey! I resemble that remark.