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White Oaks

Now I know why all the bikes were turning into White Oaks. I thought it was part of the poker run but not so. The No Skum Allowed Saloon had a lot going on. The Cowboy Mafia, Mad Moe Zell band, Las Vegas dancing girls and a wet T-shirt contest. How we have come from the Lincoln County wars and an old mining town to a wet T-shirt contest with dancing girls is beyond me.

Oh Well, have a good evening.

Re: White Oaks

Is this part of the Progressive Movement?

Re: White Oaks

Hey Bob, good to hear from you. How are things in Arizona? Has your weather cooled off yet? I am still in Alto working on the cabin.

Have a good evening.

Re: White Oaks

Hi Brad,
Yes the weather is moderating. Right now about 65/85, with a further cooling due sometime this weekend. This is the type of weather I live for. What are you doing on the cabin? We take off in 10 days for the east coast (in the Miata, not the bike) to see the colors change in New England. Charlie and Jan are going with us (in their Miata). We plan to be gone from 2 to 3 weeks. Then in December we plan to drive to Georgia to be with our granddaughter for the birth of her first child, and to celebrate Christmas. Congratulations again on your newest grandchild. Take care, and I hope to see you next year!

Re: White Oaks

Hey Bob,
Sounds like a fun trip. I have always wanted to do that. I have poured some concrete steps, fresh coat of stain on the deck and oiling the cedar. Just normal every two year stuff. Stay in touch friend.