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It's raining

What is that strange sound? Oh, yes, it's raining - a sound that you don't hear that often here. Well, I guess I can't go on my walk this AM. Will have to wait till after church.

I had a dentist appt in Nogales on Friday AM, and it had been raining that previous night also. I was vacillating between riding the bike or taking a car. Good sense prevailed and I drove a 4-wheeler. On the way to Sonoita and towards Patagonia it snowed. I had to slow down to 35 because of visibility, and there was accumulation on the road. Sooooo glad I wasn't on the bike.

Re: It's raining

Good Morning, Everyone;
It's 34 here in 'the Frozen North', headed for a high of a blazing 44, and there's snow on the ground...First snow of the year. According to NOAA, it's supposed to snow again wednesday. Yesterday afternoon was beautiful, and I was thinking about taking the bike to Church, but I guess I'll use the cage instead, that full-coverage fairing makes a lot of sense on days like this!! Maverick, since I'm on a Gluten-free diet, I guess I'll get a hamburger steak, with cheese and Green Chili on top (no bun!) Little New-York sounds great as a destination...I might suggest the Village Inn-it would be easier for me to get gluten-free there. Maverick, maybe you could call Don and the other guys and let them know. The more the merrier!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank S.

Re: It's raining

I can make that call Mr Hank as soon as I know where and when ( date & time ) but I don't know where this Little New York place is and the Village Inn is not good eating to me...But this is up to you guys...I made my offers on places...good but cheep...