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The Enchanted Voyagers Association is a chapter of the American Voyager Association.  The club was formed by Kawasaki Voyager Riders in New Mexico, but is open to all riders.  Please feel free to use this service.

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Good morning

Good morning all
A definite trend happening here. Only down to 28 and heading for 60 with clear skies. The past few days it has been warming up a bit each morning. Maybe winter is over and we are beginning our spring warming trend!!
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good morning

Yep yep thats what is happing...hey did you see that pig flying...lol
Hope all are fine and getting set for the Lord's Birthday...Thanks all for the kind thoughts and prayers...


Re: Good morning

Good Morning, All;
RR, that pig hasn't flown yet...it's 42 (warmest morning in 2 weeks!) here in the 'Frozen North' with rain/snow. Guess the Mexican Sauna missed you! Meanwhile, there's another one coming in tomorrow. Looks like a nice day to sit by the fire and read a good book!! Maverick, It's good to see you posting again. I'm praying you're feeling better and gaining strength. Meanwhile, I need to get ready to head for work. Everyone Have a Great Day!
Merry Christmas!!!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank S.