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Good morning

Good morning all
Back to the normal routine. Haven't been in this routine in over 5 weeks now what with the odd shift for a while and Thanksgiving week off. Down to 38 and heading for 68 with clear skies. A cool ride into work, but a nice ride home.
Got home yesterday afternoon a little after 5. A good ride from Hutto. Left there just before 6 AM. Had electrics on then and shed them in Big Spring while stopping for gas.
John, hope you are doing well. Didn't forget about the pics of the trailer. Don't know if I will get them to you this afternoon as I have an appointment with the optomitrist after work. Will hopefully get them to you tomorrow after work.
Hank, how did the checkout ride go? Is the front end all squared away?
Yall have a great day.


Re: Good morning

Good Morning, All;
I was up before the alarm this morning, feeling better than I have in awhile.
I took off on a short (about 100 mile) ride Saturday afternoon, on my favorite portion of old (pre 1937) rt. 66. Even though it was tinder dry, and everything was brown from an extended time of no rain, there were still some white wildflowers beside the road. They seemed to say to me that you can't kill Faith. The bike ran really well, I can't believe how strong the engine is after over 100,000 miles. The front end has finally been sorted out, the handle bars are straight, and the suspension seems to be more compliant than it was before the repairs. She's safe to ride, and I can't wait for Spring, although there is some work (oil/coolant change, and some new plastic) that needs to be done before the riding season gets into high gear. Everyone Have a Great Day!
PS: John, you are in my prayers!

Ride Safe & Sane;
Hank in Abq.

Re: Good morning

Bob Bass and I have been working for the last 2 months solid. He on day's and I on nights. It's almost over though. Ready for some warm weather and some days off