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Good Morning New Mexico and areas around

Hey everyone,
Today is Dorothy's birthday and we plan to go out to Macaroni Grill tonight for dinner. This is one of her favorite places. Now that it is warming up, I plan to finish some work on our pop-up trailer. I was having an electrical issue, and I finally traced it to a bad ground at the frame. I thought I had learned that lesson to always check for a good ground before tearing things apart looking for a broken or shorted wire, but apparently not. Anyway, it should be nice and warm for working outside today.
I had a nice but cold ride to Nogales yesterday for a dentist appt. I left here around 6:00 for the 70 mile ride all bundled up, as it was around 50 degrees. But I forgot that I rise quite a bit in elevation, and I'm sure the temp dropped significantly on the way. I was quite chilled when I got there, and really appreciated wrapping my hands around a cup of coffee at McDonalds. If I continue to do this sort of thing, I need to check out electric clothing. Don Medina has electric grips and electric gloves. When I asked him why both, he said the gloves only warms the backs of his hands and the grips warms the palms. Oh well, these musings have gone on long enough. Everyone have a great day!

Re: Good Morning New Mexico and areas around

Good morning. 32/69 here in my part of Texas. HB to Dorothy. Y'all have a good day. Ride safe.


Re: Good Morning New Mexico and areas around

Good morning all
And HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dorothy. I noticed on the web I forgot to put the dates for a couple of the birthdays, but have corrected that. Hope yall have a good time at Macaroni Grill. I have been to those a couple times also.
And yes, Bob the electric gloves only warm the back of my hands, but that seems good enough for me. They are really a saver, especially on my work schedule the past few weeks. I ride 65 miles each way and the temps have been down near freezing a few times. The electric jacket liner is also really nice. Makes a big difference in comfort. My hands aren't really hot, but don't get cold, just comfortable. With the jacket liner I can turn it up and get really warm, but on sub freezing it is just comfortable. Just wear something thin under the liner and thicker over to get the best comfort.
Was down to 36 when I got home this morning, but up to 62 now with nice sunshine, heading for 68.
Gonna wash the Concours and pack for the trip. My last night tonight and will be heading out when I get relieved tomorrow morning. Hoping to make Brownwood and BBQ tomorrow night. Would be nice to make Hutto, but don't want to be riding after dark with the deer out there.
Enough here, Yall have a great day.