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WRW wraps up

Hey everyone,
Well, we woke up to rain and cold temps on Sat morning, and decided not to ride that day. Instead we "caged" it to Pima Air and Space Museum. This is a pretty impressive display of private, commercial and military aircraft, as well as many displays and info about space adventures such as the Appolo Missions. We were there for probably 4 hours, and then came home and hung out the rest of the day. One couple, Jim and Del, took off Sat night, but the other 4 stayed over again and took off this AM. We still had the opportunity to go to church this morning. This EVA event was a lot of fun and we would definitely consider doing it again. We might want to do it a couple of weeks earlier, if it doesn't conflict with Voyage Home. Next time I would hope to get some LSV'ers to attend (I mean besides Music Man). Hope everyone has a good day.

Re: WRW wraps up

Good afternoon all
Glad yall had a great time at WRW. Too bad about the rain today, but at least you had the museum to go to. I went to that a couple years ago and spent the whole day there. Lots to look at.
Cool here today also. Was down to low 30's this morning for the ride home. Went right to church and got home a little before noon and went to bed. Saw 50 deg when I got home. Sure glad I have the electric clothing. Will even be using it for the ride to work tonight.
Yall have a great day.


Re: WRW wraps up

So RR, how long are you on this crazy schedule?